gem2-002.jpg I am a gem seeker!  Together, with my husband Doug, we travel,explore and dig in some of the most remote corners of the Pacific Northwest and beyond in search of gemstones.  My passion is ignited by the discovery of intriguing gems and the ultimate jewelry and works of art they become.  I personally recognize hiking, digging, pounding, and sifting are all part of what it takes to bring home the gems.  I also understand there are gem seekers that enjoy viewing “bling” but, may not want to endure the elements.  Therefore, I will be forever on the watch for dazzling gemstones as unbelievable works of art, “to die for” jewelry or breath taking examples of individual gems, to be viewed in a more…comfortable fashion.

Half the fun of treasure hunting is sharing.  So, as I search the web for these gemstone masterpieces, I will also be featuring the artists that created them as well as some of their websites.  My goal will be to present their individual talents to the masses so they can be more widely acknowledged and appreciated for their talents and crafts.  Everyday I spend creating jewelry for our own shop on Etsy along with our website at:  www.cascadegems.com, I grow a deeper appreciation for these gifted artists. My hope is people will use this blog as a platform for discovering, discussing and enjoying these artist and all things gemstones!

Gems of the Northwest

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