Trends in Jewelry – Statement Pieces

“The term ‘statement jewellery’ is drawn from the popularly used phrase ‘to make a statement’, which is what the average fashion conscious woman aims for.

It’s time to trade in the delicate baubles and co-ordinated jewellery sets for one chunky piece that draws all the attention and holds it – it’s time for the statement piece. Whether it’s a chunky necklace, a pair of bold earrings, a larger-than-life cocktail ring or a wide cuff, the focus now is on a single dramatic piece that needs no back up.”**

After I read through this article I began looking up trending jewelry and could see that fashion truly does dictate.   What I decided is the gemstones and jewelry we offer at, Gems of the Northwest,  align perfectly with the article’s description of the current  jewelry trends.  We offer Big and Bold stones and jewelry that are perfect statement pieces…

…Chunky necklaces…

blog opal and bighornjasper

…Oregon Fire Opal and Big Horn Jasper…


…Rocky Butte and Oregon Fire Opal…


…Graveyard Point Plume Agate and Oregon Fire Opal…

…”Bold earrings….”

blog agate earrings

…Laguna Agate and Oregon Fire Opal with Sterling Silver…

blog leopardearrings

…Oregon Fire Opal and Leopard Jasper…

blog carrasite earrings

…Carrasite Jasper and  Pearls…


The opportunity to design and make your own statement pieces …


…Maybe a choker using a spirographic cut cabochon in Oregon Fire Opal…


blog petrified wood

…Hells Canyon Petrified Wood.

Or  maybe you would prefer ….

blog freeform owyhee…an Owyhee Jasper Necklace or Pendant…

You could also make your own “Bold Earrings.”

These Large Dangle Rocky Butte Beads….blog - rockybuttecabs-earrings

…would be PERFECT!!!!!

So, whether you want to buy a fashion statement or make your own,  and if  you are seeking to be part of the bold and beautiful fashion trend, Gems of the Northwest, can offer you a FUN and Fashionable Statement Solution!

**From: The Hindu*Business Line, “Set in Stone” by Elizabeth Mathews


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