Picture Jasper and Kids~

What kid does not like rocks.   Sometimes kids throw rocks, sometimes they climb rocks, or maybe they simply trade rocks.  Whatever the “plot,” rocks are a magnet for children.   With a little nudge, parents can take this magnetic force from playground fun to a disguised educational activity and…

…picture jasper is the perfect Segway…

jasper hillside

Our kids grew up with, “Where’s Waldo?”  This was a very popular children’s book that absolutely captivated their attention by the hour. 

The primary concept of this book was simply to

… find Waldo in a sea of detail…


…The way I see it, picture jasper is the “Where’s Waldo?” of the rock world…

…but instead of finding, Waldo….

picture jasper2

…you find the picture in the rock.

Maybe you see the sun rise…

jasper blog

…or a river of lava violently splashing over the rocks….


…maybe a sandstorm in the desert….


… or cherry blossoms framing Mt. Fuji.

picture jasper 12

What one child sees may be completely different from what another child sees. 

There is no wrong answer.

Children can share and feel delight…


…from their imaginations and creativity.

Picture Jasper is just one of the magical gifts of Mother Nature.

When a parent spends time looking at “pictures” with their child.

they may be helping them to uncover

…a special interest…


…or hobby…

rock collection

…a creative outlet…


…or even a career path.


…A parent never knows what inner passion may be ignited.

Finding the picture in the stone is…

an easy and enjoyable way to create an educational interest for your children.

Finding the picture in the stone is…


… Fun…

…Complements of Picture Jasper!

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