Transforming Gemstones

I thought I should share some back ground.  I am a Rock Enthusiast.  I am in constant disbelief of the opportunity rocks present.  All the different colors, sizes, shapes, and patterns all just waiting to made into gorgeous gems and jewelry.   Stones are the artist’s ultimate canvas with endless possibilities to display their creative talents. Whether they are carving or faceting, making earrings or necklaces…whatever the game,  the bottom line is the same…you just gotta love rocks!

To discover a stone…

…take the necessary steps to transform it into a focal bead, piece of jewelry,

or other work of art is


                                                                    …Transformed Gemstone carved by Doug…

From my perspective, being a Rock Enthusiast has everything to do with discovery. Discovering gemstones, new friends, new websites, new jewelry, time together, time alone,…..discovery in all its forms.

So here I am….as of March 7, 2012, I began working full-time managing, “Gems of the Northwest.”   “Gems of the Northwest” is our store on Etsy and the selling outlet for our company, “Cascade Gems.”  Our primary focus is transforming Oregon Fire Opal, Oregon Sunstone and Northwest Jaspers into LARGE focal beads.   My husband, Doug, oversees “Cascade Gems” which has more to do with the lapidary side of things.  I think Doug wanted me to take over the store because, let’s face it, shopping is not one of his favorite things to do.  I, on the other hand, have numerous hours of…shall we say, shopping experience.  Now, that is not to say I am not out there right beside him mining and digging rocks. While Doug pounds and claws through the earth, I am the rock disbursement department or, as I like to refer to as,

…a highly specialized fitness program…

…I haul out the buckets of rocks…

…There has got to be a better way…

Working for, “Gems of the Northwest,” has been part of a big change in my life. If I think about it, my life has changed considerably. After fifteen years in banking and sales, five years as an elementary school teacher and twelve years as a full time mom, I guess I should admit…things have changed. The life I lived with Doug and our children, has evolved into a whole new place. The kids have grown, graduated from college and are living their lives. We have watched as our only daughter married the man of her dreams and applauded as our only son became an independent man.

…As they say in the rock world, nothing is written in stone…

SO…Working for “Gems of the Northwest” is the beginning of a new adventure. I will get to work with Doug based on something we are both passionate about. It will be giving us an opportunity to discover, create, travel, learn, and meet exciting new people. Yes, I am a rock enthusiast and life is changing. I might even say it is…transforming.




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